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Careers in Trucking

The trucking industry is booming, with new technology and a wealth of opportunities to launch a career as a heavy-duty truck mechanic that will serve you today and in the future. Learn more about what we have to offer and check out our current job openings to find the right fit for you.

Your Career Path as a Truck Mechanic

Life as a heavy-duty truck mechanic is a journey with lots of opportunities to learn and grow along the way. Here are some of the things you can expect to do at each stage of your journey as a truck mechanic with Kenworth Northeast.

Technician Apprentice

Jump in with a positive work ethic and a desire to learn!

C-Level Technician

Completes PM Service, Brake Service, Minor Chassis Repair, Suspension Maint., Training 

B-Level Technician

C-Level Plus Diagnosis & Repair of Transmission, Basic Engine Issues, Basic Wiring, HVAC Systems, Welding, Continued KW Training

A-Level Technician

B & C-Level Plus Triage, Diagnose and Troubleshoot Complex Engine and Wiring Issues, Certified in OEM Systems, Continued KW Training

Master Technician

A, B & C-Level Plus Mentor and Lead Others, MX and Cummins Engine Certified, Can Complete any Complex Truck, Engine or Electrical Repair, Continued KW Training


If you're just getting started, completing your High School education is a great start. If you've spent years tooling around vehicles in your own garage you might be able to easily jump into an apprenticeship. You could also look for a 2-year trade school program to get you grounded in both the mechanical and electrical systems in Heavy Duty trucks.


At Kenworth Northeast, an apprentice is someone who joins the team at an entry-level wage to learn the ropes and support the team as needed. If you don't have prior experience, this can be a great starting point. An Intern is someone who is in an accredited trade school program and spends a winter or summer break working in the shop to learn the ropes and support the team.


There's a lot of opportunity in the trucking industry, even if you just stick with the path from Apprentice to Master Technician. If you want to branch out and try new things, the dealership could have a range of opportunities for you, including Foreman, Service Advisor, Warranty Admin, Assistant Department Manager, Department Manager, or Outside Sales (Trucks or Parts).

The Future of Trucking

You’ve likely heard about Electric, Fuel Cell and other alternative energy solutions coming to the trucking industry. These are categorized as Zero Emissions Vehicles. Kenworth Trucks is leading the pack with Zero Emissions Vehicles that are being put to the test with customers so they can continue to learn and develop the technology of the future.

As a Kenworth truck mechanic, you will have access to the training that will allow you to effectively maintain and service these complex units. Grow your career with Kenworth Northeast and you’ll be on a journey of continued growth, development, and learning.