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Remote Diagnosics & Service Management

It’s been shown that up to 80 percent of every service event consists of poor or slow communications and processes — lost time, effort, and assets that could be better utilized moving your business ahead. That’s where Kenworth’s TruckTech+ Remote Diagnostics and Service Management steps in. It’s a fully integrated system, designed to streamline every aspect of fleet maintenance through the PACCAR Solutions web portal.

The Benefits of Connectivity

The system generates detailed reports that are readily available on each truck currently presenting an actionable code. You can filter the information by specific chassis, severity, make, model, year it was manufactured, and location:

  • System-generated fault code reports sent directly to customer administrators
  • Give your Kenworth dealership access to view your vehicles in PACCAR Solutions to streamline service issues
  • Filter information by specific chassis, fault code severity, OTA status, make, model, and year

Over The Air Updates

TruckTech+ Over-The-Air from Kenworth is a software update system that helps you keep your trucks running with the latest engine software version – safely and securely over-the-air. Watch the video below to see how this can benefit your fleet!

If you purchased a truck from Kenworth Northeast, use this form to request an account setup or to have a vehicle added to your account.

Account Setup