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Does Your Truck Need an Extended Warranty

The Value of Extended Warranties

Now that you’ve invested in a brand new Kenworth truck, have you considered the extended warranty options? While Kenworth builds quality into their trucks, today they are more complex machines than ever before. To meet safety, performance, and regulatory standards they are fitted with electronics, sensors, and components that can require repairs.
Choosing the right extended warranty options for your truck can depend on time and mileage, and duty cycle. If you purchased a new Kenworth in the last 12-18 months, coverage may be available to protect the chassis, engine, transmission, and aftertreatment system. Plans are also available for trucks older than 18 months.
Medium-duty  packages can start as low as $2,500 for a 6 year/600,000 miles engine and aftertreatment.  Heavy-duty  packages can start as low as $4,800 5 year/500,000 miles engine and aftertreatment. The cost of an extended warranty can significantly offset the cost of repairs, saving you more in the long run.
Before getting to the point of component failure, be sure your truck is on a preventative maintenance schedule to run at peak performance. This will not only save you in costly repairs down the line but also lost time on the road.
Extended warranties vary by equipment. Reach out to learn more about the best solutions for your business.
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