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Car Carrier Options for Your Kenworth

Car Carrier Options for Your Kenworth Truck

Kenworth's 52" flat roof sleeper is the perfect option for car haulers, and it's available on the T680, T880, and W990. It's the ideal option for height-restricted applications, including crane and pump. Marker lights, beacons, airhorns, and vertical stacks are also available for the image-conscious driver.

The car hauler spec is available with a 6.5” ride height Airglide 400L 40K rear suspension. To clear upper racks, the W990 is available with a RH under DPF/SCR and a horizontal tailpipe. Both the T680 and T880 are available with either a RH under DPF/SCR and horizontal tailpipe or an under rail DPF/SCR exhaust system. To allow for a low ride height, set forward front axle models (W990 and T880S) are available with a 5” drop front axle that lowers the front of the truck 1.5” compared to a standard 3.5” drop. 

Kenworth’s 52” flat top sleeper will provide a premium driver experience and will include the following features:

  • 56” of Standing Room Inside of the Sleeper
  • Triple-Sealed Door for A Quiet Ride
  • Large Door and A 72” Opening Angle for Easier Ingress and Egress.
  • Standard A And B Pillar Grabhandles for Safe Vehicle Entry
  • Under Door Lighting Which Illuminates Steps and The Ground
  • Fully Trimmed Premium Interior
  • Full Color Driver’s Display
  • Smartwheel Available with Cruise Control and Radio Control on Steering Wheel
  • The Latest Driver Assistance Features, Including Roll Stability, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Collision Mitigation
  • Full Truck Kit Which Provides Air and Light Lines to The End of Frame
  • Remote PTO Controls Available from the Factory for Easy Upfit

If you're in the market for the perfect Car Carrier - we've got the truck for you! 

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