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Engine Overhaul Financing


When to Choose an Engine Overhaul

One of the most frequent questions asked by owner-operators experiencing engine trouble is, “How much does an engine overhaul cost?” Class 8 engine overhaul prices can vary greatly depending on factors such as engine make, overhaul level, and the shop that will perform the engine work. Typically, certified engine overhauls range anywhere from $20,000 to $40,000. There are a lot of decisions to be made to get a truck back on the road and making money. 

Certified Repair Shop or Not?

The first thing to consider is choosing a certified repair shop or not. Service facilities that are certified by the engine manufacturer provide their technicians with extensive training and state-of-the-art equipment. Certified shops are also able to provide overhaul warranties where applicable. Certified engine overhauls also add resale value to your truck.

Choosing the Right Overhaul Package

There are several levels of engine overhauls offered by manufacturers. Higher level overhaul packages often provide the greatest long-term value for the owner. Benefits such as a longer warranty period, more comprehensive warranty coverage, and higher resale value provide a significant return on the initial investment.

Update Your Insurance Information

Whether you finance your engine overhaul or pay in cash, another item to consider is the insured value your insurance company places on your truck. Often, the value of your vehicle will increase substantially with a certified engine overhaul. Unless you inform your insurance company that the value has increased, they may not cover the investment in the event of a loss claim.

The toughest decision can be determining how to pay for a major truck engine overhaul. Kenworth Northeast has partnered with CAG Tuck Capital to make that decision a little easier. They are experts in financing trucks and engine overhauls, with 40 years of experience keeping trucks and truck drivers making money. 

Ask your Kenworth Northeast Service Advisor for more information if you’re in need of an engine overhaul. 

This information was adapted with permission from CAG Truck Capital. Learn more at https://cagtruckcapital.com/truck-engine-overhaul-tips/

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