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Not Your Average Torque Rod

Solutions for Your Suspension Needs

Uneven tire wear is often an indicator that your truck needs an alignment – and it’s a popular go-to diagnosis when the suspension has not been fully evaluated. Often overlooked parts that can also cause the same problem are worn-out torque rods and bushings.
In heavy-duty applications like construction, heavy haul, and garbage collection torque rods can take a beating! The constant change in weight bearing down on the suspension and driving on uneven surfaces means the suspension has to work harder to absorb cornering and leaning force.
While well-maintained torque rods will help maintain your overall axle alignment, control axle driveline angles, and relieve stress on the suspension components. Worn out rods can cause:
  • Parts failure and vehicle downtime
  • Worn tire tread
  • Decrease fuel mileage from misaligned tires
  • Misaligned suspension
If you’ve ever had to purchase or install torque rods, you know it’s not always a cut and dry part to deal with. You need to account for the rod type (longitudinal, transverse, V-rods), connectors, and clocking angle. ATRO torque rods take some of the guesswork out of the process with a rotating pin design that results in faster installation, eliminates bushing wind-up, and reduces stress on the entire suspension.
The unique pin design can rotate a complete 360 degrees to accommodate any clocking position.  ATRO also uses a polyurethane bushing instead of rubber, giving it a longer life with resistance to common contaminants like oil, grease, diesel fuel, hydraulic fluids, road salts, cleaning solvents, and more.
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