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Increase Your Fuel Efficiency

Fuel Additives and Saving at the Pump

Fuel prices have been unrelenting and it can feel like there’s little that can be done to find relief. That’s where fuel additives come in. At Kenworth Northeast, our Parts Department offers a lineup of additives that have been proven to save money on fuel, and even reduce some maintenance costs.
The fuel we put in our vehicles has contaminants that can gum up an engine, leading to compromised fuel injectors, clogged EGR systems, DPFs, and turbos. All of that can reduce your fuel efficiency and create unplanned downtime. The culprit behind these issues is water found in fuel.

Diesel Engine Solutions

That’s where Enertech’s fuel additives come into play. Customers who have used Complete Fuel Treatment for their diesel vehicles have seen a reduction in EGR system clogging and active regen. The formula also improves lubricity, cleans fuel injectors and pumps, ad inhibits corrosion. And, best of all, customers see an average .2 MPG increased efficiency. That amounts to $120 in savings for every 100 gallons of fuel burned.
Another go-to additive for diesel engines is Enerfuel. It removes the troublesome water molecules from fuel to create the clean burn your engine craves. It also stabilizes fuel, improves cetane, stops oxidization, and slows fuel line feeze up.

Gasoline Engine Solutions

Whether it’s your car, motorcycle, or riding mower – it’s likely you’ve got at least one gasoline engine in your life too. That’s where Gas-RX comes in. Ethanol can create a lot of problems for fuel pumps, carburetors, injectors, and filters. Again, water in fuel is the primary culprit because ethanol will naturally absorb water from the atmosphere.
Gas-RX removes the water from gasoline and as a result, you’ll experience improved starting, performance, fuel economy, reduced emissions, and a smoother idle.
If you’re interested in learning more about these or other additives to improve the efficiency and maintenance of your diesel and gas engines, contact your local Kenworth Northeast Parts Department to learn more.
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