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Spring Maintenance for Your Truck

Spring Maintenance for Your Truck

Winter can be hard on trucks, whether you’re over the road or local. The effects of salt, potholes, snow and ice, and extreme temperatures can have put your vehicle’s systems through its paces.  Here are some things to keep in mind as we ride into warmer weather. 

Tire Pressure

Cold temperatures can reduce your tire pressure, causing unnecessary wear and reducing your overall fuel economy. Maintaining the right tire pressure year-round can create significant savings, especially if you’re running a fleet of trucks. 

Batteries, Plugs & Wires

Cold starts aren’t fun for anyone – including your truck. After a long, cold winter check your batteries, plugs, and wires for needed repairs or replacement. 

Wheel Alignment

Potholes are not friendly to any vehicle’s suspension. Be sure your truck is in proper alignment. You’ll not only have a smoother ride, but you’ll also reduce wear on tires, maintain optimal fuel efficiency, and reduce the potential for damage to other components. 

Brake Check

If you spent a lot of time driving in the snow and ice this winter, your brakes did some extra work to provide the stopping power your rig needs. Be sure to check the entire brake system including lines, hoses, and fluids. Brakes get a lot of use and abuse – and are critical to maintain. 

Check Your Fluids

Left unchecked, low or dirty fluids can negatively affect your truck’s performance or lead to breakdowns. Be sure to spot-check your engine oil, transmission fluid, brake fluid,  and antifreeze/coolant. 

Contact your Kenworth Northeast dealership to schedule service or request the parts you need to keep your truck running at optimal performance!

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