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Extend the Lifetime Value of Your Truck

Maintain Your Truck with Minimizer

Today’s trucks are built and driven with pride. From the time they roll off the production line, head to a bodybuilder, or have custom paint, wraps or decals added – a lot of time, attention (and money) is put into making sure that truck is a rock-solid reflection of your business. It doesn’t take long before these hard-working trucks start to take a beating from worksites, weather, and more.
That’s where Minimizer comes in! They are the industry leader in floor mats for heavy-duty trucks, with a growing selection of sleeper cab mats as well. They are built to last with a proprietary heavy-duty material textured with ribbed fluid channels to ensure a solid grip. Mats are engineers for an exact fit using cutting-edge technology to scan the interior measurements. The end result is a floor mat that stays in place and protects the floor (and your investment) from grime and corrosion.
Join us for a closer look at these and other fleet maintenance solutions Minimizer offers with the Kenworth Northeast Training Academy on February 14, 2023, at 2 PM. You’ll find that the added attention to detail not only helps with lifetime value of your truck, but it can also aid in safety, performance, and driver retention. Plus… a rig that looks good will fare better with DOT inspections.
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