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Truck Wash and Detailing Solutions

Truck Wash Solutions that Bring on the Shine

Once you’ve invested the time and money into adding the perfect truck to your fleet it’s not only important to keep it in peak performance under the hood but to keep the paint in prime condition for years to come with the right cleaning solutions and regimen.  

Washing a tractor-trailer or any large commercial vehicle can be a daunting job. Not only do trucks have a lot of surface area to cover, but they also tend to accumulate an exceptional amount of surface grime in their travels. Whether you’re washing off worksite grunge, winter road salt, or film from exhaust and fumes – we’ve got a great lineup of cleaners for you!

Enertech has partnered with industry suppliers to develop a line of truck wash and detailing products meant to meet the unique challenge of keeping a commercial truck looking like new. Cut the time it takes to wash a truck by starting with Enertech’s Touchless Truck Wash as a pre-soak. This pre-soak is non-corrosive and designed to easily pull film and dirt from the surface. If you’re using a cannon applicator, you’ll see dirt easily sliding off the surface before you get full circle around the vehicle.

Now that the pre-soak has done the hard work, step 2 is the Big Blue Truck Wash. It captures and suspends dirt and has a lubricity to help protect the vehicle’s paint. Be sure to pressure wash the truck from the bottom up so you can see where the wash has done its job.

Finish it off with the Poly Sealant for ultimate shine and protection. The sealant includes multiple silicones that also produce a fast water break, so you’re not left with water spots either. By letting the product do most of the hard work, you could have a commercial truck cleaned in under an hour without a lot of elbow grease.

In addition to this three-phase wash, Kenworth Northeast now stocks a range of other detailing products from Enertech that are cost-effective and easy to use. Give us a call to learn more and place your order!

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